“Listen To  Him”

An opportunity to prepare to hear the Word of God in the Sunday Mass Readings

Examining the Readings in advance and exploring their meaning, leads to a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is and how His Word is relevant in our daily lives.

Two groups meet each week to read, discuss, pray, and reflect on the Scripture readings which will be read in all Catholic Churches in the world on the following Sunday. This spiritual exercise which aims to obey God’s command to Listen to Jesus is facilitated by Alice Quinn and is open to all.

Spiritual Library

This service is currently suspended due to restrictions.

Under normal circumstances, the spiritual library in The Holy Rosary Church contains different categories of books, colour coded and listed on the door of the library. St. Anthony’s Church and St. Kilian’s Church also has a small library.

Parishioners are invited to borrow a book and return it when read.

In some of the churches there are also catholic newspapers and booklets for sale.

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