‘Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, ……singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.’ (Colossians 3:16)

Music is a very important part of life in the Pastoral Area.  We celebrate many aspects of parish life through music.

Music aims to glorify God and enhance the Mass and other liturgical services.  Music is chosen that is appropriate to the theme of the Mass, the liturgical season and the liturgical event.

There are a number of music groups in the two parishes.

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A Story of Music Ministry

Some of our music leaders in the Pastoral Area gave us an insight into their involvement with music in the Church.

What purpose do you think music plays in our faith gatherings?

‘The voice of the assembly is the voice of the Church and for me, the deepest expression of this voice is through church music and song.

We all know that famous saying from St Augustine, “to sing is to pray twice”.  Singing and making music draws on two parts of ourselves – the left brain understands the words and concepts, the right brain understands and communicates the feelings.

To pray in music and song is to pray from both the head and the heart, it builds us up, it strengthens us for the journey, it glorifies God.’

What are your thoughts on selecting and arranging music for liturgies?

‘Choose your music well…. and sing every line with love.

Music is one way of connecting to God and His Holy Word. Choosing music for any celebration in Church always comes from the written Word of God which I would always study in advance.’

What has been your experience of leading in our music ministry?

‘Over the years, my journey of faith through the ministry of music has brought me in contact with many wonderful people through projects with choirs, cantors, recordings, musicians and composers, all expressing beautiful and sacred music.

Most of all, it’s just my way of making a little joyful noise that I hope rises up as a heartfelt prayer!’

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