We asked, some responded…. now it’s a new year… a new you… a new opportunity to live out your Baptismal calling? Volunteer? Ministry?… Think of what is possible, with you, with us. Read More

The Parishes of Greystones and Kilquade have a vision of what and who we aim to be as a faith community, where Hospitality, Prayer and Mission are the lens through which we do everything.

Without you, however, that vision only partially becomes a reality.

Being involved within the community enriches everyone – you and the people you minister to. Giving some thought to being that person, is a step in the direction of community… why not make it a reality now?

Our Current Need

We welcome people to come forward to any ministry.

However, at the moment, we are growing the Baptism Ministry and the Family Mass Group Ministry in particular and we need people to come forward.

There are different roles within each of these teams…. you could make a real difference to the team. Think about it! Contact us here.


All those volunteering in the faith community are known as ministers.

There are many many ministries available throughout the parishes of Greystones and Kilquade… see the image below.

Come, make a commitment for a few weeks and see how things unfold. There is something for everyone… let us know your choices here. 

Ministry – it takes a leap of courage but many are choosing to live out their Baptismal calling. 

Last November, a ministry meeting took place. Read more about that here.

Ministry – it takes a leap of courage; but the persistence of trying, bears fruits that are tenfold for you and for others.

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