It is difficult to become a child of resurrection when you look at the name of your beloved inscribed on a grave.

Seeing the date announcing the end of their life feels like an iron trample into awareness. The reality splits into before and after. You suddenly find yourself fluent only in the past tense: at present, it feels impossible to hold through the embodied experience of loss.

This Sunday, Jesus proclaims resurrection, yet, he doesn’t challenge the loss. How could he? He himself cried at Lazarus’ tomb. The incarnated God experienced heart-and body-felt loss.

Still, Jesus invites us all to become children of the resurrection, and the Gospel introduces a heart-ravishing idea of love as a life-saving act. God loves us so much that for him, all are alive.

Every Sunday, we gather as a community to become an expression of God’s love for his creation. As November thickens the growing darkness, let us be there for one another, proclaiming the good news: our Father is God, not of the dead, but of the living; for to him, all are alive.

Come join us this Sunday to explore more.

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