Every challenge is an opportunity to proclaim Good News. Praise from the depth of a broken heart is the most powerful Gospel.

We are so blessed to have six worship centres and ten liturgies to meet our busy weekend schedules. We have functioning ministries and communities ready to meet us. Some masses finish off with a cup of tea. Sometimes we even have biscuits. We are blessed.
Listening from warm pews to Jesus talking about hardships and persecutions seems surreal. It feels like a story from a distant time or land. How is it my Gospel for today?
And yet, whenever I set my heart on practising mindfulness, the present moment doesn’t feel right. There is always some discomfort that can’t be redeemed with a cup of tea and a warm blanket. We all have struggles which bring our hearts to tremble. I hear Jesus inviting me today to look for him in my disorder.
Faith often inhabits our lacks, as believing is possible only in the absence of certainty.
We simply can’t believe in something we know for sure.
Faith is a constant, never-ending selection of every thought, word, deed or lack of action.
It’s a repetitive choice 
of hope over despair,
perseverance over perish,
love over fear,
stillness over stir
and life over death.
Faith grows stronger in proportion to the decrease in certainty.
Faith is never something we possess, but something that makes us go even though we lack it.

“I will give you words and wisdom. This will be your chance to tell the Good News.”

Luke 21:13n


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