This weekend sees new technology in three of the churches to give you more flexibility to make a donation to the Parish and / or to the Diocese.

In St. Anthony’s, St. Patrick’s and in The Holy Rosary Church, there will be two Tap and Go machines – one for donations to the parish, one for donations to the Diocese.

On the machine, there is the facility to select a from a number of pre-set options €5, €10, €15, €20, €30 or €50) or to enter a custom amount.

Present your contactless card or smartphone to the machine, or insert your card and enter your pin. Wait for the confirmation message and that is how simple and secure it is.

There will be two machines each clearly marked –

  • one for donations to the parish and
  • one for donations to the diocese

See the information below explaining how your contributions make a difference in the life of the parish and diocese.

The Parish and the Diocese are most grateful for all contributions received. Thank you.

Donations to the Parish

Your contributions to the Parish, enable the Parish Finance Committee to pay for the following:

  • the overall running costs of the parish including, the Parish Office and Pastoral Centre,
  • supporting our various ministries,
  • insurance, staff wages, heating, electricity, telephone, stationery supplies, church requisites and
  • the general maintenance and upkeep of all parochial property.

These donations are collected by the parish and remain in the area.

Donations to the Diocese

Your contributions to the Diocese supports the following:

  • the priests of the Archdiocese, including sick and retired priests.
  • the essential pastoral services in all parishes in the Archdiocese.
  • priests in low income parishes, and
  • priests working in special ministries.

These donations are collected by the parishes but are distributed by the Archdiocese to all parishes.

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