Singing is such a vital part of our spirituality. Classic or modern, rocky, jazzy, or soul: we need our songs. They reshape our souls.

St. Augustine said, “The one who sings prays twice”. At the workshops with Tony, we constantly experience that even a few notes of a faith-driven song form dispersed hours of studying, researching, reading and repeating words to a solid, nourishing wholeness.

Whether we sing Mozart or a traditional folk melody, the music carries spiritual meaning beyond the limits of our perception. It’s as if music dissolved all the words, allowing the spiritual implications to inhabit our hearts without the weight of text.

Parishes of Greystones and Kilquade make that experience open and available to anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, an amateur or an expert, our Faith-Driven Singing Workshops create a safe space for your voice. Let your sound be heard. Let your note be embraced. Come and sing with us: we’ll receive your presence with gratitude.

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