Mass consists of ‘two tables’ from which the People of God can be fed – the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist (1965 Second Vatican Council).

Placing renewed emphasis on the Table of the Word was timely, especially in countries where the scripture reading had been largely neglected in homes and, in church, was read in a language few understood.

The early Christians gathered in their homes to pray. Reading and discussing the scriptures, the holy Word of God was their starting point for prayer. From these humble beginnings various prayer services developed in the many countries to which Christianity spread. Despite the diversity of these services today all have one thing in common – they still have the reading of the Word of God as their starting point.

The Introduction of a ‘Liturgy of the Word‘ service aimed at restoring the true balance between the ‘two tables’ from which we are fed. We cannot fully appreciate the Eucharist if we have not met Jesus Christ and know him from the Scriptures.

A Liturgy of the Word Service allows people to focus on the Scripture Readings, gives time for reflection on what is read and can form a good starting point for private personal prayer later in the day.

A Liturgy of the Word Service (without Eucharist) takes place in The Holy Rosary Church, Greystones at 10am on Monday mornings and in St. Anthony’s Church Kilcoole at 10am on Wednesday mornings.

Come and be fed at the Table of the Word.

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