“You’ll all be glad to hear we’ve provoked plenty of discussion.” Read More 

Following the launch of a video testimonial on the theme: ‘Woman talking faith and forging change!’ on International Women’s Day, March 8th there has been some lovely response to the initiative.

Some comments on viewing this initiative include:

  • A wonderful testimonial ?
  • A wonderful video???
  • Thanks so much for sharing that with us . How blessed we are to be part of this rich faith community ?
  • Wow that was so inspiring….Well done all involved.??
  • I’ve circulated the video around to a lot of my friends both within & outside the pastoral area!! You’ll all be glad to hear we’ve provoked plenty of discussion.
  • That is an amazing witness!
  • I really enjoyed the video and the differing perspectives.

The Parish Council marked International Women’s Day with the launch of a testimonial video entitled:‘ Women talking faith and forging change’.

This a short video is by local women which has gathered their views on faith and change.

This is an interesting insight into how ordinary women look at faith and its meaning for them in today’s world. Women’s lives have always been busy and today even more so with juggling parenting, career, grandparenting, mental and physical health, social justice, education, and environmental concerns! How does faith support them in their hectic daily life, how does it develop their mission and lead to change?

Women share their life’s experiences, talk about the simplicity of hope, of forging change in the church, and how faith is a journey not a destination.

Watch it here.

This short video by local women, has gathered their views on faith and change. Women from across the Pastoral Area will give their personal thoughts on what is faith, what makes sense about faith, the challenges to faith and what are the positive outcomes of forging change.


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