Can you help? We have the technology, but we don’t have the people!  Read More

A few have kindly responded to this call and for taht we are really grateful. However, we are in need of some more people.

In particular, support is required for 10am Mass on Sunday mornings in St. Anthony’s Church Kilcoole and 6pm Vigil Mass in the Holy Rosary Church on Saturday evenings.

If you attend weekend Masses in The Holy Rosary Church or in St. Anthony’s Church, please consider helping with moving on the slides on the large screens.

Training will be given.

Basic skills required are the ability to follow the Mass and to push buttons! If this is you, please contact us.

Each week a PowerPoint presentation is prepared for Masses in The Holy Rosary Church and in St. Anthony’s Church by the technical team. This is then “presented” at the masses.

People are required to present this. This involves running the PowerPoint presentation on a laptop. Running the PowerPoint involves moving along the slides according to Liturgy so people in the church are presented with the responses or words of hymns at the appropriate time in the mass. Guidelines are built into the presentation as to what to do.

Therefore an awareness of and ability to follow the liturgy is needed.

Training will be given. Please consider this. If you regularly attend a Sunday Masses in The Holy Rosary Church or St Anthony’s Church  please consider giving of you time in this way to minister to others.

Please contact us.

Aside: the laptop is on the gallery in The Holy Rosary Church and access to the gallery is on a narrow stairwell.


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