we provide a series of online gatherings and video talks focusing on experiencing the faith journey at home.

Our Programme is NOT a catechesis. By unpacking the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we’re sharing the experience of living the faith and cooperating with the grace of God.

Introducing simple daily practices helps us to keep on the spiritual track.

NEVER allow your child to watch those recordings on their own, but be there to receive their questions or embrace their feedback.

Kindly bear in mind that the Programme is alive and still under construction.

Please see below the parts released so far.

The meaning of our Names

Service of Light

The role of a Sponsor

Part 1: Patience

Part 2: Faithfulness

Part 3: Gentleness

Part 4: Peace

Part 5: Self-Control



We gently advise every Family to commit to the “Come Holy Spirit” programme provided by iCatholic. In three videos (about 30-35 min each), the programme explains the basics of the sacrament.

Part 1 focuses on the Holy Spirit and the difference it makes in our lives.  

Part 2 looks at the seven gifts and the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Part 3: explains choosing Confirmation names and sponsors and the Confirmation ceremony itself 



Catholic Agency for Overseas Development provides great resources stimulating prayer life at home with ideas to suit children of all ages and various themes, including Lent and Easter. Allow yourself to be inspired by their Family prayer ideas including family conversation card questions, Gospel art and craft, or Praying with Creation.

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