We are created in the image of God, and we spiritually ache when deviating from God’s plan for our life. Reconciliation allows for our shortcomings to be reflected in Abba’s endless love for us. Read more

The Book of Proverbs (24:16) says that even the righteous man falls seven times a day.
Thankfully, God unceasingly invites us to draw from the fountain of his forgiveness and mercy.

Come on Thursday, 30th of March 2023, to St. Anthony’s Church, Kilcoole, to draw from the richness of the Reconciliation Service.

Start: 8:00 pm

Struggling with preparation for the sacrament?
Last year, the Sacramental Team hosted an online gathering for Parents and children preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation.
Some parts of the recording may help you (re)embrace the sacrament of reconciliation and find nourishment in God’s forgiveness.

Natalia shares an experience of a life-changing confession
Father Gerard uses sign language to explain the Act of Sorrow

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