Ruah Mass is our liturgy breath away from God as we pause to be nourished at the fountain of love, light and life.
Ruah is a Hebrew word describing the air, the spirit, the very breath of God. We gather to draw deeper from the Spirit of God and become his breath on Earth.
Once a month, our Ruah Mass also hosts Confirmation Family Preparation Journey as we look at growing the fruits of the Holy Spirit and turning our hearts into a spiritual garden.
We look at the embodied experience of the Holy Spirit working actively in us and share practical ways of cooperating with God’s grace at growing the fruits of His presence in our life.
Though masses are dedicated to supporting Confirmation Preparation Journey, everybody is welcome to join and deepen the relationship with the breath of God.


When: Dedicated Sundays (see below)
What time: 6:30 pm
Where: The Holy Rosary Church, Greystones



CONFIRMATION Celebration 2023
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