Initial Parents and Guardians Information Meetings were held on Thursday, 20th of October and Tuesday, 25th of October, at St Anthony’s Church, Kilcoole, at 7 pm.
Details of what was discussed are ongoingly communicated to all registered families.
We’re hosting another Information Meetings for parents and guardians presenting their children for the sacrament of Confirmation.

The next meetings: Thursday 23rd and Tuesday 28th of Feb 2023​

Our next meeting touches on essential aspects of the journey, like preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation, choice of a sponsor and the confirmation name.
We will also introduce some organisational information about the confirmation card and present gathering opportunities for parents.
We are asking you to attend only one of those meetings, as the content will be the same at both sessions, and the choice of dates has been presented for your comfort.
The meetings are for parents only. You may arrive with your children if struggling with babysitting, yet kindly bear in mind that the sessions are pitched at the adult audience, and your child may welcome some book or other form of noninvasive distraction.


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